UCCE Master Food Preservers of Solano and Yolo Counties
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UCCE Master Food Preservers of Solano and Yolo Counties


Volunteer! Become a UC Cooperative Extension Master Food Preserver of Solano & Yolo Counties

The UCCE Master Food Preserver Program of Solano & Yolo Counties is open to individuals looking to increase community knowledge in home food preservation methods. Applicants for the UCCE Master Food Preserver Program of Solano & Yolo Counties must be willing to share knowledge and skills learned from certification training through local community outreach. Prior food preservation knowledge is not a requirement; willingness to teach others is.

Examples of community outreach from UC Master Food Preservers:  

  • Classes and workshops
  • Hands-on demonstrations 
  • County Fairs 
  • Websites and Blog
  • Print and digital media

How UC Master Food Preservers make a difference:

  • Teach safe home food preservation methods in local communities 
  • Share knowledge about preserving fresh and healthy produce 
  • Prevent botulism in home canning 
  • Promote research-based methods of food handling and food preparation 

What Do UCCE Master Food Preservers of Solano & Yolo Counties Have to Say About the Program?

"It's a great way to contribute to our community. Every year, we collectively perform hundreds of hours of volunteer of community service to help keep Solano communities safer and healthier."

"Master Food Preservers, get to meet and work with passionate, Solano-area food enthusiasts."

"As a UC Master Food Preserver, I can stay up-to-date on the latest food preserving methods and issues in food safety."

Certification Course

Once accepted into the Certification Course to become a UCCE Master Food Preserver Program of Solano & Yolo Counties, applicants will receive more than 50 hours of training over the course of 12 weeks from University of California division of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Training topics include:

  • Food safety
  • Equipment
  • Boiling water and pressure canning
  • Canning jams and jellies
  • High acid foods 
  • Low acid foods 
  • Pickling
  • Dehydration
  • Freezing and refrigeration
  • Teaching and program implementation

In exchange for education and certification, new UCCE Master Food Preservers of Solano County are required to volunteer a minimum of 50 hours in the first year and 25 hours each year subsequently. UCCE Master Food Preservers of Solano County must complete a minimum of 12 hours of continuing education per year, starting their second year. 

Certification Classes

Certification Classes for the UCCE Master Food Preserver Program of Solano County is a thorough program of instruction in home food preservation.

The purpose of the certification course is to train volunteer instructors in the knowledge and skills of research-based practices so they may teach safe home food preservation to the residents of Solano & Yolo Counties. 

Our classes are a combination of instructor-led "hands-on" labs and lectures derived from university research on techniques and practices for safe home food preservation. Students study the concepts after class with the aid of UC and USDA approved books and materials provided during the course. Food preservation techniques learned in class are then practiced at home and shared in class during group discussion. Weekly written quizzes and a final examination prepare the trainees to begin work as an instructor even in their first year of volunteering.


Master Food Preserver Certification Course

Interested in volunteering as a UCCE Master Food Preserver in Solano & Yolo Counties? Enter your contact information on our Master Food Preserver Training Interest form and we will contact you as soon as the schedule for the next Certification Course is determined so you may apply.

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